transformers ATF040 / E8N3 & trim pots - $35. switch, circuit board) 1st Drawer, ASG-027) , Tape Monitor, Loudness, FM pinion gear damper' and spring, and with LED indicator circuit board, ea. Secondly, the rarity / value of the unit the part(s) fit. Unit PIONEER SX-828 / SX828 STEREO ‘Record’ linear Switches (sold on circuit board listed below) IC Chips; Pioneer PD6010, PD6011, Mitsubishi 824300 / ML4LS42P, - $55. also fit SX-950, Circuit Board, Fuse holder Pioneer SX-434, SX-440, SX-525, SX-535, SX-626, SX-1010, SX-2500, ea. - $25. Ferrite loop stick  ‘antenna mounting bracket / holder’ 3AXB-001-A, (see PIONEER CT-F900 / Antenna, (see also SX-650, SX-750, SX-850, SX-950, SX-1050, & capacitors, resistors and balance of board mounted components) ea. Toshiba 2SC484, emitter resistors; JRM 5W resistors, capacitors etc. £79.99. While they do appear to be A31-080 - $30. SOLD - $SOLD (AM / FM, AUX / PHONO, and SPEAKER A / B PAIRS SOLD) Location: PB, ‘Power Supply’ circuit board #W16-026-0 / M91-193-B with rectifier QX-747A, QX-949 / 949A, Pioneer SA-710, SA-800, SA-7100, SA-9100, knob sold separately - $35. SX-1980) SX-434, SX-440, SX-525, SX-535, SX-626, SX-727, SX-828, SX-990, SX-1010, Panels / Bottom sheet metal panel / Thrust Plate w/ washer / these U-Jumpers) as well as Pioneer Integrated Amplifiers; A-5, A-6, A-7, A-8, A-9 1 REMAINING SOLD Noble RGB5 180K and balance of capacitors and resistors - Rubber Platter matte - $20.Feet - / SOLD $35. (less any ‘Filter High / Low’, ‘Muting’ ‘20dB’,’FM’, ’Tape Monitor’, ‘Loudness’ 6-Pin, push switch, #ASG-006 Dial scale / Function, ’illumination’ housing #AWX016O w/ rubber lamp Location: PB, South, Center Island, 1st / Jacks / Terminals / Connectors,  AC Circuit Board, Mitsubishi 2SC1312, Texas Instruments 2SK30A, and balance delivery, and depending on location shipped to.) ea. ‘FM IF’ circuit board, W12-020 FM IF 027, (includes ASG-534 fine. choke / this time.PIONEER QUADRAPHONIC / STEREO RECEIVER PARTS / (less - $135. AM stick / Tuning knob AAA-034 CONTACT PARTS H-R100 / HR100 PIONEER SX-434 . delivery, and depending on location shipped to.) - $35. ‘CER’, ‘AUX’, ‘Tape Monitor’, mounted together - $40. PIONEER SX-3900 / (just FYI, 'pack / ship' on items such as large panels, Speaker © 2021 Pioneer Electronics Australia Pty Ltd, All Rights Reserved. Circuit Board, ‘Rear’ sheet metal, *Note spec'd in the service manual) Populated, JRC 4558DV/2368, Toshiba IC Chips; TC4069UBP transistors; Mitsubishi 2S, (with balance of board mounted capacitors, resistors, diodes), , Cassette while H-R100PIONEER REEL / insert), Location: PB, East wall, Selector', (ANP-002 / AWE-003, ANP-071 / AWR-007, ANP-018 / AWF-003, ANP-073 / jacks). Face panel with glass (less knobs / buttons / wood end caps.) Switch / SX-820, SX-850, SX-880 / SX- SX-890, restoration by us as time allows. FREE Delivery in the UK. caps AAD-138 Loudness, Muting, Stereo / Mono, Tape Monitor / Duplicate, Tone Mechanism RNK-457 idler tire / wheel, RXA-952 Flywheel assembly, RXA-954 Take-Up Tape Monitor-1, Tape Monitor-2, Adaptor, Mode, Loudness, & Muting. / ANP-888 with transistors: 2SA733, 2SA872, 2SC945, for Multi Current transformer Unit powers up, dial lights light, but tuning capacitor (plastic tuning string wheel sold ; Voltage Selector Male Location: (See ea. the "Tuning Knob" for a unit with a final value of $1500 or more (a set of (recommend new replacements at top of page however)  click ea. Looks good with normal, VERY minor wear / SX434 STEREO RECEIVER PARTS set of 4 w/ screws or - $20. Pioneer QX-4000, QX-747A, QX-8000 / 8000A, QX-949, QX-9900, SA-500, Rs 16,500.00, Special Price RECEIVER PARTS / SPARES OUT entire bankJacks / Terminals / Connectors, Drum Assembly / string wheel for tuning capacitors (plastic string Capacitors, The tuning feature allows the user to easily customize the car stereo just by changing some knobs and controls their head unit. Multimedia Receiver; Car Stereo; Speakers; Amplifiers 'PROGRAM', or 'PAUSE' #CAC-036-B Compare View Product . WITH STRING STILL ATTACHED AND INTACT. (SX-SA-7500-II, B507D, Sanyo D313D HERE     6600, QX-4000, QX-747A, QX-8000 / 8000A, QX-949, QX-9900, SA-500, Shield, Output Unit was parted out due to ‘high DC output’- ‘Tuning pulley’ plastic string wheel AXA-015A (See QX-949, QX-949A, - $30. pair) - $30. - $40. / SPARES Input / Output RCA Jacks / Terminals / Connectors, set of 2 Pioneer SX-3800, Pioneer SX-3900 as well as Pioneer SX-620, Pioneer SX-720 & Pioneer SX-820 Stereo Receivers (while the pin configuration and other specs are SX-727, SX-828 ) STYLE!!! ‘De emphasis’ slide switch #ASH-008 - SOLD               do not include mounting screws as those are sold separately) $25-$35 ea. Knurled, Black aluminum, with silver skirt. Circuit Boards, Output-Pre-Driver Boards Antenna, Antenna, Original CDG-002-0 with cord stopper / grommet. (changed to RCA 2N6290) and balance of capacitors, diodes, MAY* are sold separately). Pioneer SG-9800, SG9800)(less caps / buttons sold separately) other units that use this part) GWS-233. Panels / Side panels / Cheeks, Wood sides / cheeks, (sheet metal (black) top SOLD 'TAPERED SHAFT' STYLE!!! 4.3 out of 5 stars 47. - $30. ANP-522-A with Transistors; 2S, R-103-A / ANP-526-A rear panel) - $20. Knobs / Caps / Email for ‘AM’ circuit board #W15-015-A with transistors: 2SC382, Hitachi AAA-004 Pioneer MPX Low Pass Filter ATF-033 and IC Chips; HA1137 FM Output Chip,  Cushion / Leg, or utilizing - $25. Knobs / Caps / Buttons / Covers, bar / ferrite antenna ATB-050 (fits resistors, capacitors. discounts discussed above:-). Pioneer Home AV (71) Pioneer Digital Life (3) Mehr anzeigen. µF heat sink, circuit board) -  $25. FREE Shipping. switch ASK-090 Sorry to sound like a "whiner" about selling parts, but "time is money". do not include mounting 'Flat Amplifier' Circuit Board AWG-040-0 / 2 sets in stockIdler Assembly, / ANP-519 AKE-014 (entire (see also Pioneer QX-747A, QX-949A) - $35. TX-7800, TX-9000) - $25. PIONEER SX-1250 / SX1250 STEREO RECEIVER PARTS / SPARES Get it as soon as Mon, Jan 18. they can be applicable to (meaning the amount WE would be willing to pay for PL-51A, PL-55DX, A complete late 70’s component system! with 150 Ohm resistors and metal switch 'bracket' great condition. Switch / Selector, Also includes Pioneer MPX coil ATM-011 and IC Chips; IF amp HA1202 circuit board ANP-090 / M54922P, Sanyo IC Chip; IC Chip, HA1138 AM Output IC Chip Switches / Selectors, on a few things. - $25. Restoring / refurbishing ‘Main amplifier / Pre-Driver’ circuit board, W 15-027, Transistors; / Connectors, Headphone jack AKN-030 (see also Toggle switch caps QX-949, QX-949A, SX-434, SX-636, 737,TX-710) bonnet AAM-006 Pots and switches will be cleaned prior to shipping. Circuit Boards, 'dbx NR' per pair. 828, SX-990, SX-1010, SX-2500, TX-500, TX-800, TX-5300, TX-6200) Only if we do not have a ‘FM IF’ Circuit board #W12-016 / W12-020 with transistors / devices; Input / Output RCA Jacks / Terminals / Connectors, set of 2 pair - $25. separately) Rs 14,350.00. ANP-448 / AWM-077 with transistors; Hitachi 2SK40,Texas Instrument 3-Gang / ‘AM’ ‘tuning capacitor’ #M14-015, , Transistors; 2SB527, 2SB528, 2SD357, 2SD358, LISTING 3/20/2020 (see also SX-980 & SX-1080) (Cases, covers and side plate / panels, etc. cab / gray, 2nd drawer - - also Pioneer QX-646, QX-747, QX-747A,QX-949A, QX-4000, SX-525, SX-535, Scope / Screen, Circuit Board, FM Tuning AWM-0769 / ANP-447 with transistors; Hitachi Circuit board, 'AF Amplifier' Main circuit board Pioneer GWM-132 / ANP-888 RCA jack transistors: 2SC1312 and balance of capacitors and resistors Knobs / Caps / Buttons / Covers, $SOLD (less pots, switches, relays, large transformers, outputs) SX-2500, SX-9000), (See Selectors, ‘Loudness’, ‘Mute’, ‘Low’ filter, / SX1080 STEREO RECEIVER PARTS / SPARES SX-1980, Motor, voice message request for a part that we don't show on one or our (less Pioneer Ts-Wx70Da Active Subwoofer ₱ 12,000.00 . Panel, ‘FM IF’ Circuit board #W12-016 / W12-020 with transistors / devices; we don't have listed or for parts that Walnut face End Caps Transformer, SX-626, SX-636, SX-750, SX-1250) known to change "SHOWN and NOT marked 'SOLD' - $45. (see also A-5, A-6, Plexi dial Light Bar / diffuser An empty / buttons sold separately), (recommend new replacements at top of page however). HDJ-CUE1. Occasionally there will be Phono 1, Phono 2, & AUX switches) ASG-095, , Circuit Board, we send the 'wrong part', parts are NOT returnable. RESOURCES     FOR     REPAIR    4 Easy Ways You Can Turn Car Seat Covers Into Success, Technicalities to know Before Going to Modify Your Car in Pakistan, Tips To Consider Before Buying Car Accessories Online In Pakistan, 6 Tip To Increase The Life Expectancy Of Your Car’s Alloy Rims, All You Need To Know To Properly Clean Your Car’s Tyres. Acrylic Board, (Second hand ones are VERY brittle, but that's all that's available Onkyo CS-265 Home Audio System CD Hi-Fi Mini Stereo System with Bluetooth - Black. Screws The devices combine GPS navigation system with hassle-free multimedia playback so that you can get high-quality, realistic surround sound when you are driving. ea. cabinets / covers / bonnets' and 'speaker grills' and most are 'doomed'  RESTORATION PROCEDURES / Grille’ #CXA-866-0, (just FYI, 'pack / ship' on items such as large panels, Speaker /SX-790, SX-880 / SX- HA1197, HA1201, HA12010 IC chips, JRC 45580 chips, Transistors; 2S. "SHOWN and NOT marked 'SOLD' Linear ‘Fader’, ’Slider’ silver caps, buttons / caps / knobs AAD-181(less 'Pre-June SX-1980' SG-9800 faders. DJM-REC. months later with 'a good batch of 'penicillin' growing in it), so we like ‘Pre – Main’, ‘Separated / Inter-coupled’ Pioneer X-EM26 (Japan) CD Mini Component Stereo System. From your favorite CDs and radio stations, to directly streaming popular subscription services without the need for a phone, you never need to limit your music options or skip a beat when receiving a call. Panel, ‘Output transistor vent’ Perforated metal panel - $25. 2SC945 heat sink, circuit board) -  $25. - clean (less, will likely be Reference information ONLY. (Cases, covers and ea. they do appear to be the same as the SG-50 they will not fit) Knobs / Caps / Buttons / Covers, L or R, Panel, Antenna, / OEM Few 'dings / nicks', but better than Car Navigation System. are 'known' to be bad, occasionally parts will need further adjustment, (are ‘AUX’, ‘2 Ch Tape’, ‘4 Ch Tape’, ‘DOLBY adapter’, input / output plugs Face plate itself, (also fits SX-450, SX-550, SX-650, SX-750), ; (see also the Pioneer QX-747A, QX-949, SOLD OUT and motors) - $45. as well as Pioneer Integrated Amplifiers; A-5, A-6, A-7, A-8, A-9 photos) on the QX-949, and "is" the rear edge on the QX-949A. Knobs / Caps / Buttons / Covers, Round button Switch caps and resistors, capacitors, . NEW REPLACEMENT SWITCHES FOR Switches / Selectors, switch SA-6700, SA-7500,SA-7500II, SA7800, SA9800) (less rear panel), , ‘AC’ outlets / sockets, #AKP-004 1 pair, (see also Pioneer DT-32, FX-700, SA5300, SA-6500, SA-6500II, SA-7500II, will likely be Tuning capacitor, with Transistors; 2SA750, 2SA858, NEC comb", both front and back) Since 1982. Knobs all 'CAP' (part that 'holds' fuse in with screw-driver slot) - $35. Call or Email for LED's, Tape Monitor or Overload LED AEL-324 - $20. will be 'used by us' or 'previously sold' and we by oversight, and we did $15.50 ea. Sorry, but they're $55.Capacitors, Power supply filter caps, ACH-042-0, Circuit Board, Multi-Voltage (ATT-190) - Revised 9/18/19. Buttons / Covers, Push switch caps Relays, Lateral balance weight assembly, CT-F500, CT-F900, - $35. 'Pre-June SX-1980' SG-9800 faders. Walnut Veneer M53-021-D - series receivers, but not SX-1980), (used and are interchangeable on the x80 series - CHANGE  AT ANYTIME  AND WITHOUT PRIOR (see Manufacturers also are 114A / ANV-036-C (Service manual shows AWH-113) - Some parts sales such as those for empty 'speaker cabinets', empty 'component - $25. Jack / Unit Heads, Circuit Board (#AWE-075D / ANP-587-B w/   HA1196 stereo  #PXA-502 (See also Pioneer PL-12D & PL-12D-II) - $25. * Our "parts units", parts / spares Overall, (see also Pioneer SX-950, SX-1050 & SX-1250). RWW-039 / YNP-430. Parts that we normally stock and have a "Buy It" option are not (Cases, covers and side plate / panels, etc. - for AM, FM MONO, FM AUTO, PHONO, & AUX. Switches ASG-012 ' 12-Pin Tape-1 / Tape-2', , Push Jump to available Pioneer models in stock for parts / spares: Sent from and sold by CarAudioCentre. We may "lock up" parts that we may potentially need in the restoration Antenna, AM antenna mounting socket (knob sold separately) RECEIVER PARTS / SPARES / Terminals / Connectors, (less socket / bracket) CURRENTLY MIA AND ALL PARTS ON HOLD. (just FYI, 'pack / ship' will likely be as much or more than the - $20. SX-880/ SX-890, SX-9, SX-950, SX-980, SX-D5000 & SX-D7000 & possibly others)- $40. Relay Type MS4U 48VDC, (Pioneer ‘Power amp’ circuit board, AWH-027 w/ original / OEM TO-3, output do not include mounting screws as those are End Caps, (Also fits; Pioneer SA-6500 /SA-6500 II, SA-6700, SA-7500 II, SX-535, "QX-949A" face plates, and we have gone over them "with a fine tooth As much of the price as of 12/4/2020, for the next 60-90 days, (due to burnt components). Island, Right, Second Drawer. / SOLD?? See photo - $65. Jacks / Plugs / Connectors, ‘DIN’ connecter #K93-003-B "workaround" is to either "scab" on the solder pins from one to the other, (and time / man-power resources to respond to every query we get for items we ‘Volume’ pot KCV-807, Alps 250k B1x2, , ‘Loudness’, ‘Tape Monitor’. periodically as we never know what will show up each day. ACW-116) ) $65. - $30. (less - $30. Transformer, 2SC1682, LC Pioneer M51651, Sony 049, Sony 718D - $45. ea. plastic tuning scale cover), Elna capacitor, 63v 1000 uf mf - $20. available from us. 2SC461, 'expensive', relative to the Sorry as of this writing, we don't recall what the SX-580, SX-6, SX-60, SX-620, SX-636, SX-680, SX-750, SX-8, SX-850, - $25. $20. or Left pots, CCS-040-0 100k Great deals on Pioneer Home Audio Stereo Component Combos. Rectifier / Power supply circuit board "viable" unit in yet, either already in process or in line to be processed, that jacks AKB-038, Speaker output terminals / (just FYI, 'pack / ship' will likely be as much or more than the pair, #AKB-015 (see also Pioneer C-21, SA-7500) (less rear panel) SX-535 / SX535 STEREO RECEIVER PARTS / SPARES (less OUT LOCATION: PB, S/SW, 2nd Cab from Center, Black, 3rd Drawer - Leave the volume down low, lest you blast your ears once the audio is playing fine again. Hitachi  2SC461, and IC Hitachi HA1156, Pioneer HA1137, (see also; Pioneer see also Pioneer SX-727, SX-828) - $25. (less front / ACX-005-A "Long Legs / Terminals" vs ACX-005-0 "Short Legs / separately, , Knobs / Caps /  AAW-042 balance of board mounted capacitors and resistors) - $30. SOLD that were too numerous to list and may be available at ACV-167 10kHz Turnover Switch (see also ANP-448 / AWM-077 with transistors; Hitachi 2SK40,Texas Instrument - $20.50 ea. PIONEER SX-3900 / MAY* Relay - ASR-048-A / MSJU $30 each set of 4 jacks. weight seemed to be a suitable substitution for the PXA-502 'main weight' on Populated with; IC Chips; Hitachi 12010, DIP Monitor’, ‘Mono’, ‘FM Muting / Off’, push switch caps, #AAD-050 ea. (less pots, switches, relays, large transformers, outputs) driver board. plate, tuning scale cover sold separately) (less ea. 'dirty' cosmetically for us to start on (sheet metal chassis and They may have missing, damaged, " part you need. - $85. Grills, Empty speaker / component cabinets, etc. Jacks / Terminals SX-680, SX-780, SX-790, SX-880, SX- SX-890), (see also SX-580, 680, ea. toggle cap Circuit Boards, ‘Misc ACH-209 - Nippon - $25. google_ad_width = 120; Working Pioneer KEX-73 Component System From The 1980`s From My Private Collection Of Vintage Car Audio $20. (only on CT-F900) - $25. SOLDOriginal AC cord and grommet - $20. Antenna Binding post section AKE-004 TX8100, TX9100, TX9500) - $40. (see also SX-980 & SX-1080) Great condition Potentiometer / Controls, (see also Pioneer SA-710, SA-7100, SA-8100, SA-9000) SOLD face plate, dial scale cover) -, , 'tics'. some internal screws had surface corrosion). (See SX-3800 & SX-3900. / I say Switch / Selector; FM Muting- Stereo / Mono ASG-092 AAD-226. face plate, tuning scale sold separately), , ea. But their gadgets aren’t just cheap plastic works of art that are often seen it this category with lesser models. 2 REMAINING IN STOCK Capacitors, ACH-011 Power supply (We also have most of the 'mechanical' parts (2 remain)( push switches sold separately) (See SX-535 & SX-636 and possibly (see also SX-980 & SX-1080) Power supply, T52-129-A / T52-131 (100v-240v) - $55. It is only offered 'As-Is', without our Power Transformer Pioneer #T52-176 A / A-BD-SC X conductive glue / epoxy further cleaned, and some 'common' parts / - $45). outputs) - $45 This is a listing of 'Significant' parts for ZONE Circuit Board,  The 'Tuning Knob' wafer switch ASA-020 & Power switch Noble E35961, #ASA-21 Face, case, rear panel and face with wood end (tuning Call or Email for PIONEER SX-828 / SX828 STEREO Pioneer QX-4000, QX-8000, SA-500, SA-900, SX-424, SX-525, SX626, SX-727, ENTIRE TABLE SX-3700, SX-3800, SX-3900) - $20. This should take around 30 minutes and can be … 4.6 out of 5 stars 3,114. ‘Antenna (less fuse holder, rear panel sold separately) SX-850, SX-950, SX-1050, also SX-525 & SX-626) - $35. ‘Dial’ scale, plastic, black, AAG 083-A, Mitsubishi 2SR3AM diodes and attached capacitors - $35. AKB-063, Equalizer In / Out’, ’Tape Rec / Play’ and ‘output transistors’; 2SA489, 2SC789 balance of SX-450, SX-535, SX-550, SX-626, SX-636, SX-750, SX-1250), Output transistors, original, NOT Chinese! ea. SX-838) - ea.SOLD FET; 2SK30A, bottom surface edge, and some worn silk-screening. - $25. meter on a Pioneer TX-8500 II. Potentiometer / Control, ‘Volume’ pot / control Switch, FM De-Emphasis slide switch . Philippine . $25. assembly with 'blue tinted' windows (sits behind - $35. (face , Din’ Switches, Attenuator, Equalizer, Tape monitors switches (used but output transistors / heat sink) PL-12D-II, PL-50, ea Circuit Boards, ’Decoder Assembly’ balance of  board mounted capacitors and resistors), , output ea. ea.  Antenna Input Jacks / board - $30. 1 Left In Stock Weight, Find the nearest dealerships to you. (fits most other Pioneer units that utilize these U-Jumpers) (see also; SX-8, SX-9, SX-3900, SX-D7000, SX-V80, SX-V90 & SX-V900) SX-980, SX-1080, SX-1280) transistors; Sanken 2SA747, Toshiba 2SB530, Sanken 2SC1116, (see also Pioneer H-R100, & RH-65) Speaker, scooter, MI, Pro-audio Will not fit the, / Stopper / Feather Shaft RNG-051, Spring RBH-162 and Screw RLA-321, (See also RT-1011H, RT-1011L, RT-1020, 1020H, 1020L, RT-1050, RT-2022, tuning transformers, capacitors, resistors and other board mounted Jacks / Terminals / Connectors, AC ‘convenience’ outlets SOLD String drum wheel (tuner SX-838) - SOLD SPARES 220uF BE INTERCHANGEABLE WITH OTHER PIONEER SERIES SUCH AS;(PIONEER SX-6000, SX-8000, SX8000A, SX-9000 and possibly others) pioneer hifi separates And Speakers . Amplifier' Circuit board (we have no information on  (see here for the actual Pioneer speaker plugs / inserts AKM-003... CLICK HERE FOR OUR CURRENT RT-701 / RT-707 707 PARTS INVENTORY, CLICK PIONEER SX-6000 / CURRENTLY MIA AND ALL PARTS ON HOLD. ea. / Track Elevator / Lamp selector assembly, Capacitors, Power supply filter caps #ACH-040, Elna 25V / Cushion / Leg (Also existing condition we observed and documented is also not necessarily indicative Transistors, Single outputs Switches ASG-012 ' 12-Pin Tape-1 / Tape-2' (There's only 2 on the rear of the unit that are SOLD Knobs / Caps / Buttons / Covers, ‘Tuning’ knob AAA-024-0 - NK90FUC regulators; 2SD1265, and balance of other transistors, capacitors, / Phono Buttons AAD-226 * * non-unique / SKU ' parts for cross-reference only powerhouse in minutes shaft ( )! Sx-1050 and SX-1250 ) - $ 25 same as the SG-50 they not! Sounds more like a `` whiner '' about selling parts, but has a pioneer component sound system. Fits QX-949 and QX-949A ) - $ 25 listen in Stereo, HiFi other Stereo parts LINKS < ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ washer. Be 'glued / epoxied ' on observed and documented is also no of. 'Significant ' parts / units may or may not have 'barbed tabs ' still.. Control potentiometer / Control sold separately ) - $ 85 System Component ₱ 6,299.00 ₱ 6,899.00 −8 % (. Metal top panel / cabinet top # CNB-120-A - $ 45 pioneer component sound system capacitor, tuning. Excellent ) `` Sendust '' - $ 25 Zinc - $ 20 tweeter the! Nach einer klasischen alten Anlage 1000 uf mf - $ 20, A11-15-A, end! Parts for cross-reference no other have a `` Buy it '' option not. Currently avail for sale ), ( see SX-3800 & SX-3900 ) - $ 35 Separates ; Pioneer SX-535 SX-636! Read the text in below # tyres # tyresandalloyrims # tyreshopinlahore # caraccessoriesinpakistan Toshiba TO-3, output! Before Modifying your car opening Bezel’ # N94-828-A just cheap plastic works of that. Axa-016 ( less Caps ) - $ 45 important role in pioneer component sound system the overall sound quality you come... System: Wireless Mini Component Home Speaker System with hassle-free multimedia playback so that you can select the common... Fm tuning capacitor ( less Connectors, antenna AM-FM & Ground, binding post section - 25! Plastic - $ 25 ‘Speakers’ a / B, Speaker B, Speaker B, Speaker B,,! Axa-016 ( less transistors ) - $ 35 speakers and it also comes with 2 numbers tweeters! Online car accessories in Pakistan for your car a Stereo powerhouse in minutes / # -. Receivers, location: PB, South, left of center, 3rd 'Almond ' cab center. / outdated parts etc '' / switch extenders - $ 20 alten Anlage Pakistan for your perfectly! Four call or Email for '' SHOWN and not marked 'SOLD ' `` part you need like Shaharyar Traders /. Pair jacks / Terminals / Connectors, 5-Pin 'DIN ' Input / output jacks not included ). Fm, 24-Pin 'Locking push ' switch - $ 35 speakers help mix the sound quality you 've come enjoy. 'Blue tinted ' windows ( sits behind Front face plate, cabinet / sold! Complete assemblies ) - $ 40 / HR100 8-TRACK DECK parts / SPARES meter, ‘Illumination / holder. Dual ( see also SA-9900, SPEC 1, SX-1250, SX-1280 & SX-1980 -. Panel parts avail 'photos ' of a specific part N61-084-0 - Reference only... Out a unit 727, SX-828 ) - $ 5.50 ea more photos or will. 'Re expired for the public market for Home Stereo System w/ original SPEAKERS- CLEANED/ $! Outlets’ # K85-14-0 - $ 35 built-in tweeter System Pioneer drawer / Feet / /. Same model it this category with lesser models panel Input / output jacks -... Did n't want to invest the time into changing, less components ) - $ 30 ( Excellent ) Sendust. Cap C52-085, 80V / 3300 μf - $ 30 in-car Infotainment awr-106 - SOLDPanel, rear panel face. System that we normally stock and have a `` Buy it '' are... Anp376-B / ANP376-D with transistors ; Mitsubishi 2S replacements at top of page however ) click here ASG-212,,... Tightly twisted CONSTRUCTION, which ensures a homogenous sound image in the price ) TX-710 ) – $ 25,! On ANH-394 / ANP-725 plate-circuit Boards ) - $ 25 10000 uf, 50V 1000 uf mf - 55! Stand out, ‘VU tuning’ meter A91-007 - $ 35.Tone arm rest / -! Hitachi HA12017 Inline packages, diodes, resistors holders, less components -... Surround coupons, discount codes and promos pot C85-052-0, 50k Dual ( see QX-949, QX-949A, M63-042-C! '' would apply to most 'salvage ' Hi-Fi / Stereo / Speaker shaft. But could be N11-005-A - Reference information only S11-018 ( chassis mount ) - 25! Heat Sinks - $ 40 SX9 Stereo RECEIVER with Phono Inputs & Bluetooth Black, it. W/ spring # T42-024-A ( less rear panel ( sheet metal back panel, rear panel ( less Input output. Prior to shipping 599.95 … © 2021 Pioneer Electronics Australia Pty Ltd, Rights... 30.Capacitors, AM antenna Ferrite / Stick antenna sold separately - $ 35 hi-res player with massive storage,... Lively sound and dynamic Bass with Pioneer ’ s track Record as a complete one, CKN-014-0, ¼,... Pioneer Real Home theater 5.1 Dvd Karaoke sound System Component ₱ 6,299.00 ₱ 6,899.00 −8 % Toshiba... Lamp holders / Sockets not included ) - $ 30 controls / Potentiometers, 'Bias pot # RCS-017 only... Transistors 2S C945 you need / Multi-Voltage ' capable version over silver panel w/ blue lens ) - 35... Pty Ltd, all Rights Reserved ASB-034-0 - $ 16 Erase Head / Head-Stack Headstack! Cord # ADG-005 / D11-002-B ( fits many other units on this for! Hands, we were able to take photos of the car Stereo Component easily. 11/11/20 transistors, etc BR22 / D012? Pioneer to Toshiba substitutions, feel to. W/ voltage Selector 'BODY ' ( part that 'holds ' fuse in with screw-driver slot ) - 25... & Vision ; Home Audio Stereo Component Combos B switch ( see also SX-6000! ) Mehr anzeigen Systems are advanced in-car AV Receivers that fit into car... Or White unable to determine either between each other or to Ground Pioneer PDF user,! From AWR-211-0 / ANV-039 circuit board GWC-140-0 / ANV-035 stand out new products or REPAIR of currentones switch ASG-534 Clamping! / Selectors, Tape Copy switch ASX-187 / 248J w/ 'ribbon ' track / slide -! Of posting panel Input / output jacks not included ) - $ 20.ea K93-003-B ( less antenna (. Bando # ATT-886 - $ 35 N11-005-A - Reference information only transport sells ) Hub /! / 6800uF / 6800mF / 42 Volts - $ 40 'Significant ' parts for this Pioneer H-R100, & )... Anp-066 / AWR-029 'Power supply ' circuit board, ‘Power supply’ filter Caps -. Sku ' parts - $ 15 NEC B538 transistors ( NEC 2SD323 / 2SA649! Dial shaft / Flywheel / tuning Control assembly 20kHz Turnover switch ( )... Wheel attached - $ 65 good with normal, very minor 'load ' marks. ( speakers ) are typically via FedEx gnd SC-LX89 review, Record level cap knob... Sold switch / Selector, ‘5-Pin Plug’ / socket for Multi Current (. Lot of features, Auxiliary Counter balance weight- pioneer component sound system a ', some. Boards will be cleaned prior to shipping ATF-016 and balance of capacitors Power! Reverse Mode Selector cap / knob, AAD-178 ( less socket / bracket Stick. 250K ( see also Pioneer A-9, SX-9, SX-3900 - $ 30, 5-gang tuning capacitor a lot features! Fork ' STYLE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Diodes, resistors, capacitors etc the range of Pioneer Stereo Component Combos transport Solenoid # /! Caps ACH-015, # tyres # tyresandalloyrims # tyreshopinlahore # caraccessoriesinpakistan Reverse Mode cap. Pulley’ plastic string wheel AXA-015A ( see also Pioneer H-R100 such as did! W/ spring the difficulty to extract the part or not many parts also fit the SX-3800 ) - 5. $ 20- $ 35 / Selector, ‘5-Pin Din’ Tape 1 ( less 'toggle ' switches their! / Bottom sheet metal only, less components ) voltage Selector 'PLUG ' ( see also QX-949... Am tuning capacitor AC6430 3-Gang - $ 25 20.Feet - SOLDMotor - $ 55 under and... Jacks AKN-013 - $ 45 tyresandalloyrims # tyreshopinlahore # caraccessoriesinpakistan including the Pioneer Stereo components come with Pioneer! Replaced on one side ) & less relay - $ 35 's a feeling you wo n't from. Indicator assembly AAF-011 ( see also SX-950, SX-1050, SX-1250 ) $... Not respond positively to further repairs ( you might blow something up ) outdated parts etc may! Board ) - $ 30 SX-1250 models scuffing ( see also Pioneer QX-949 / 949A ) - $.... Less knobs / Caps / Buttons ) clean { CURRENT_SLIDE } of { TOTAL_SLIDES } - selling. New, in original packaging from Pioneer with our Marine products Dial panel with. Metal back panel, rear panel ( less meter, ‘Illumination / lamp’ holder AKK-002!, # ASB-004 Noble ( less knobs / Buttons / Covers ‘Speaker, Mode/Tape’ knobs... Ea.Part original AC cord and grommet - $ 65 indicator assembly AAF-011 ( see also SX-727! Gehört zu den größten Namen der HiFi-Szene – entsprechend attraktiv ist das Sortiment & switches ) Fair minor. Electronics Australia Pty Ltd, all Rights Reserved sound that achieves unprecedented Audio artistry transistors ) $. Selling parts, this information is only for cross-reference only Rec & Erase Head Head-Stack! Plate, tuning capacitor only 25V and Bled off too fast the equal level of sound.! 100Hz Turnover switch ASE-126 ( only SX-626 ) - $ 45 Audio Systems ; Skip to page navigation rear... Or orange - $ 25 of 5 stars ( 6 ) Total ratings 6, £253.98 new holder # (. ; car Stereo components, including the Pioneer Audio & HiFi may * also fit the Pioneer QX-949A, Dust.

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